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RRH (Remote Radio Head)

A remote radio transceiver that  connects to a radio base station unit via electrical or wireless  interface. The RRH is usually installed on a...

REC (Radio Equipment Controller)

Virtual or physical element  that performs digital control of the radio system, handling  functions such as channel coding, modulation, interleaving,  and power control.

RAN (Radio Access Network)

A combination of wireless network elements and wireline network elements connecting end-users—man and machine—to the network core, delivering specific services. The network elements present...

Private 5G

A wireless enterprise-dedicated network built using  5G cellular technology (such as 3GPP standards) rather than  traditional wireless LAN technology (Wi-Fi).

PDN-GW or P-GW (Packet Data Network Gateway)

Provides  access to packet data networks and is responsible for dictating  QoS and bandwidth parameters in LTE, acts as IP router to  mobile-specific tunneling...

PCF (Policy Control Function)

A control plane function  responsible for policy control, and more specifically, managing  the QoS of individual service data flows in a 3GPP 5GC. PCF ...

O-RU / O-DU / O-CU

An “O-” prefix usually qualifies a C-RAN element (RU, DU, or CU) as O-RAN compliant, one that follows Open RAN standards.


An acronym for Open RAN, but the hyphenated form is mostly used to denote the O-RAN Alliance specifically, which  was established in 2018 by a...

Open RAN

A movement in the wireless industry that advocates  for hardware and software disaggregation, openness, and  interoperability in RAN architectures, and acts towards the  standardization...

NSA (5G Non-Standalone Architecture)

Early form of 5G networks, where the network is supported by the existing 4G infrastructure. The control signaling is anchored to the 4G EPC.

NR (New Radio)

Commonly used term to reference 3GPP 5G radio system.


A node providing E-UTRA (LTE) user plane and control plane protocol terminations toward the UE, connected via the NG interface to the 5GC.

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