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5G Updates in China & South Korea

In China, more than 700K sites have been deployed and activated with 5G subscribers having topped 320M by 2020. 600K additional 5G sites have been planned for 2021.
In S. Korea, 5G uptake continues the momentum by inching towards 12M 5G subscriber by 2020 with 5G traffic representing more than 43% of overall mobile traffic.

In China, by the end of 2020 the number of 5G subscriber base have reached 320M, leaded with china mobile, reaching 165M  5G users.

Always in china, it is forecast to fninsh 2021 by a number of 5G subscribers around 660M.

Moving now to south Korea, by the end of 2020 they have reached a total of 12M 5G subscribers, with SKT leading the race with almost 6M subscribers.

Regarding the DOU or also called the AUPU (Average usage per user), the 5G AUPU is around 26.7Gb while 4G AUPU is around 9.6Gb.

Also the 5G Trafic proportion in South Korea is 43% from total trafic that comes from 16.8% of subscriber base.

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