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Vodafone Germany introduced its 5G standalone (SA) network

Vodafone Germany introduced its 5G standalone (SA) network in collaboration with Ericsson, Nokia, Qualcomm and  OPPO.

Customers can now select whether they intend to surf on the existing 5G network with LTE support (5G non-standalone) or whether they intend to use the 5G standalone networks.
Vodafone’s network will now be able to support network slicing, which means that different parts of the network can be allocated for different specific use cases.
Hannes Ametsreiter, CEO, Vodafone Germany claimed that : “We are revealing the biggest mobile phone secret in Germany and paving the way for real-time: 5G is on its own two feet in Germany for the first time. We are the first network operator to put the LTE training wheels aside with 5G and start with a 5G core network – not for internal tests, but in the live network for our customers, who can experience real-time in the first few places this month,”

Gerhard Mack CTO of Vodafone said : “Our 5G network in the 3.5 GHz range is now totally independent of LTE technology. In the first places, latency times of 10 to 15 nanoseconds are feasible– that’s as rapid as the human nerves,”
The very first smartphones that support this new technology are already available and can be used on 5G standalone mode via an automatic firmware update, Vodafone stated.
Vodafone Germany said that it will be operating a total of 10 5G data centers by 2023, with the purpose of handling the brand-new 5G SA network. The first data center is currently operational in Frankfurt, while brand-new 5G data center in Berlin as well as Munich will certainly be operational  later on this year, while the remainings will follow by 2023.

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