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South Korea has reached to 14 million 5G subscribers in April 2021

South Korea has reached to 14 million 5G mobile network subscribers, up from 7 million 5G subscribers in May 2020.
At April 2021, 5G subscriptions stood at 14.48 million, accounting for 20 percent of the nation’s total 71.1 million mobile subscriptions.

South Korean telecom operators currently give 5G services through non-standalone 5G networks, which depend on previous 4G LTE networks. The country’s three operators released 5G technology in April 2019, and currently  5G networks are offered mainly in large cities.

SK Telecom led the South Korean 5G market with 6.74 million 5G users in April this year, followed by KT with 4.4 million and also LG Uplus with 3.33 million 5G clients.

The report additionally indicates that the number of 4G subscribers continued to decrease reaching  51.18 million in April 2021, down by 250,000 from the previous month. 4G solution customers still account for most of mobile subscriptions, or 72 percent of South Korea’s complete mobile user base.

The record indicated that the nation’s 3 providers are looking for a much faster adoption of 5G across the country and have revealed much more affordable 5G plans to advertise the adoption of the modern technology.
SK Telecom, KT as well as LG Uplus are presently preparing to commercialize both 5G Standalone and 5G millimeter-wave.

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