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What at the types of slicing in 5G NSA and SA ?

1) 5G preslicing is what we have within current 5G NSA deployments with 4G Core.

2) 5G Static slices also called predynamic slices within a 5G Standalone where we have manual configuration of slices, manual management of contracts, manual handling of requests for slice adaptations and manual updates of the bill cycle will hamper the growth of the business and increase cost and time to market, thereby impacting overall business growth.

3) Dynamic slices, where we are using 5G Standalone Core and wehave both virtualization and orchestration.

Through the introduction of virtualization and orchestration, customers can be offered control of the assets within their service and even request new services on demand with the ability to characterize them for their specific needs

As service providers start to grow their network slicing business, the number of network slices and different types of slices will start to grow to meet the demands of various industries.

The more you approach the target the more you increase the complexity and To meet the associated scale and complexity, it is essential to automate both business and operational processes.

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