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5G Core and 5G Slicing Training

Deep dive into 5G Core and 5G Slicing






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    We would like to present our new 5G Training which is 5G Core and 5G Slicing Training

    The objective of this course is to focus on the functionalities of the 5G core (5GC) network for the 5G Standalone, with deeping dive into 5G Network Slicing, which is an important feature and functionality of the 3GPP 5G System.

    You will be having a very good understanding on 5G Service Based Architecture, Network functions, and 5G Slicing which are very important concepts in 5G Standalone to provide better end to end customer experience




    After passing quiz



    8 hours




    Completing this course will help you:

    Who is the course for?

    This course is designed for Core engineers and end to end engineers and architects.

    Learning Path

    • 3GPP Update
    • 5G Architectures and 5G Options
    • Core Network definition
    • Benefits of 5G Core Network
    • Main principles of 5G Core network transformation (CUPS, SBA …)
      1. 4G Core Vs 5G Core


      1. 5G SBA Network function details ( SMF, UPF,NRF, AUSF ….)


      1. Mapping of 5GC to EPC functions


      • Service based Interface Protocols (HTTPv2, REST, TLS, X509)
    • What is Network Slicing ( 3GPP, NGMN, 5G PPP)
    • Benefits of Network slicing
    • Technical components of Slice ( NSSAI, SST, SD, NSI …)
    • Different Types of NSSAI
    • Slice selection procedure & Call Flow
    • 5G Slice attributes and slice evolution
    • 5G pre-slicing 5G Static slice & 5G dynamic slice
    • NFV, SDN and Orchestration
    • Slice Management: Life cycle
    • Slicing  features in RAN, in Transport & Core network
    • Comparison QoS for 5G NSA vs 5G SA
      1. Industries with strong need to network slicing
      2. Automotive industry
      3. Healthcare industry
      4. Public sector industry
      5. Government emergency industy
      6. Manufacturing industry
      7. Gaming industry
      1. NRF Role and Service Framework Engine
      2. NF Service mechanisms
      3. AMF journey using NRF ( registration, discovery …)
    1. Introduction to Mobile Signalling
    2. the Evolution of Mobile Signalling in 2G/4G/4G/5G
    3. Main items of 5G Signaling
    1. Moving from 5G NSA to 5G SA
    2. Interworking between EPC and 5GC
    3. 4G to 5G Migration strategy
    4. Migration Scenarios from 4G Core to 5 Core

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