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What is a 5G Telco Cloud ?

A 5G Telco Cloud is a software-based cloud infrastructure that enables a flexibility to place the 5G network functions/applications and divide the single infrastructure into multiple network slices for delivering wide range of services from eMBB to URLLC. It allows you to add services quickly, respond quickly and manage resources efficiently and automatically.
The building blocks of telco cloud include network function virtualization, software defined networks (SDN), edge computing and microservices.

1. Network Functions Virtualization allows you to abstract functions from hardware. This allows standard servers to be used to perform functions that would otherwise require hardware. The NFV architecture generally contains:

  • Network functions virtualization infrastructure is made up of three components: compute, storage and networking. It provides a platform for software support, such as a hypervisor, container management platform, or other 5G network apps.
  • VNFs (virtualized network functions) are software applications that provide different network functions in 5G.
  • Management automation and network orchestration (MANO), provides the framework for managing NFV networks and provisioning new VNFs.
    • Learn more about NFV, Virtualization and SDN

      2. Software-Defined networking (SDN), an emerging architecture for backhaul/midhaul, is flexible, manageable and adaptable. It is ideal for the dynamic nature of 5G applications. This architecture separates the network control from the forwarding functions, allowing the network control to be directly programmable

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3. Microservices are a way to break down applications and network functions into loosely coupled systems. They can be managed using DevOps cycles or CI/CD.

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