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Open RAN can reduce TCO by 30%

Many operators are now encouraged to replace their existing RAN with an Open RAN which is playing an increasingly important role in the evolution of open network standards.

In fact, a recent survey of global service providers by Cisco has shown that while only 22% of respondents stated their company has already deployed Open RAN commercially Where another 60% foresee commercial deployment of Open RAN in the next 24 months

Open ran

What about the impact on TCO ?

There’ve been many studies on the TCO of O-RAN vs. Legacy based on O-RAN models in several scenarios: with Centralized vCU with DU or vCU&vDU. And it shows that mobile operators can reduce TCO by about 30% in both Capex and Opex with below drivers :

  •   With reduced HW & SW costs, improved performance in RU&RF layers with chipsets
    • RAN power saving with RIC capabilities
    • Achieving supply chain flexibility & price competition
    • Creating highly efficient, Secure Cloud & Zero Touch automation
    • RU and Antenna commodization & more efficient CNFs and CaaS.

In addition to the obvious advantages of not having vendor lock-in, Open RAN is viewed by many as a more secure option. While open products are thought to have more vulnerabilities than proproetary products, open-source products also come with more security tools available, that provides more protection and threat elimination.

The Open-RAN solution is compatible with a broad array of network infrastructure security solutions that provide protection, visibility and threat elimination. This can expose your business to risks and can increase the cost of protecting your assets.

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