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BT unveils Immersive Spaces: the UK’s first 5G-enabled, interactive simulation experience

In a groundbreaking announcement, BT has unleashed a new era of technological marvels with the introduction of immersive spaces tailored exclusively for business and public sector customers. Launched in partnership with Immersive Interactive Ltd, the 5G-enabled immersive spaces can help enhance learning and development, create consumer experiences and immersive corporate meetings .

Powered by the cutting-edge EE mobile network, the fully immersive rooms employ the latest camera and HD projector technologies to breathe life into a mesmerizing 360° content display that spans across the walls and floor.

Inside the space, users can experience real-life or imagined scenarios, and add interactive elements – virtually transporting themselves into simulated environments, augmented with lights, sounds, and even smells.

Each space comes with a content library of more than 3,000 computer-generated scenarios, real-life environments, games and training experiences. BT Immersive Spaces can be used for anything from training paramedics in a simulated, gamified roadside accident scene or hospital unit, to recreating fan experiences at a football match, important historical moments, or even a trip to a beach in Thailand. The spaces are also compatible with VR, AR and XR technologies to enhance the user experience.

BT’s Immersive Spaces are powered by the robust support of EE’s cutting-edge 4G and 5G network. Leveraging the fast speeds of 5G, users have the remarkable capability to seamlessly live-stream content from real-life locations directly into the captivating realm of BT Immersive Spaces.

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