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Ericsson Achieves 5.7 Gbps in 6CC 5G Data Call

Ericsson has achieved a record 5.7 Gbps downlink speeds on 5G Carrier Aggregation by combining six component carriers in the world’s first 6CC (component carrier) data call. Ericsson stated that the achievement marks a significant leap forward in Carrier Aggregation (CA), promising to reshape the landscape of data speeds and connectivity.

The data call was achieved using three FDD (frequency division duplex) bands combined with three TDD (time division duplex) bands in sub-6GHz, enabled by Ericsson RAN Compute hardware, state-of the-art carrier aggregation software, and innovative Advanced RAN Coordination functionality.

Carrier aggregation is a technique in wireless communication where multiple frequency bands are combined to increase data throughput and capacity. In this case, three FDD bands and three TDD bands were aggregated to achieve higher data speeds.


The 3FDD + 3TDD carrier aggregation testing was carried out in an Ericsson lab with a user equipment (UE) simulator. By combining FDD spectrum with TDD spectrum, more users can benefit from carrier aggregation gains.

In total, 400MHz of bandwidth was aggregated with FDD bandwidths ranging 20MHz to 50MHz to achieve the 5.7Gbps throughput.

The technology used in this achievement enables operators) to optimize their network resources by utilizing six-component carriers. This optimization enhances network efficiency and delivers high data speeds, particularly for downlink-heavy applications.


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