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Revolutionizing Communication: Zain Kuwait Leads the Way with 5G New Calling

In a groundbreaking display of technological prowess, Zain Kuwait has taken center stage at the NetworkX Summit 2023 in Paris, showcasing its revolutionary 5G New Calling (5GNC) capabilities.

This cutting-edge technology promises to reshape the landscape of voice and video calling, ushering in a new era of communication. Zain Kuwait, the sole operator from the MENA region invited by the GSMA, demonstrated the readiness of its infrastructure for the imminent commercial rollout of 5GNC. The company’s commitment to innovation was further underscored by its collaboration with major industry leaders to publish a comprehensive whitepaper on 5GNC, highlighting its use cases, standardization progress, proof of concepts, and pre-commercial trials.

5GNC represents a quantum leap in communication capabilities. Unlike traditional calls, this network capability enhances basic voice and video calls directly over the network, eliminating the need for data services. Users can now experience ultra-HD, intelligent, and interactive calling features seamlessly integrated into the native call screen, eliminating the hassle of external apps.

The capabilities of 5GNC extend beyond the ordinary, introducing features such as voice and video recognition, instant live translation during calls, and the incorporation of fun avatars and filters to video calls.

This reinvention of phone calls holds particular promise for customer service hotlines, enabling companies to present visual options on the native call screen without the need for external apps. This innovation provides customers with a more efficient and interactive means of resolving inquiries. Moreover, 5GNC opens up unprecedented opportunities for enterprises to engage with customers. Business transactions can now be seamlessly completed through calls, offering a novel avenue for customer interaction. Leveraging the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), this network capability empowers mobile operators and stimulates innovation by allowing developer communities to create and distribute new services and applications.

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