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5G QoS in SA Networking

Today, I had a chat with a Tech Explorer, simplifying the details of 5G technology to boost his technical understanding.”

Tech Explorer: Hi Mohamed, I have a technical question for you

Me :  shoot me the question

Tech Explorer : Please tell me, what’s the secret sauce behind QoS in SA networking ?

Me: That is a good question ! QoS management in SA revolves around QoS flows, acting like soulmates for EPS bearers. These flows are managed by the Session Management Function (SMF) and can be preconfigured or set up during PDU session establishment or modification. It’s like crafting personalized channels for each type of service.

Tech Explorer: Channels, got it! What about this QoS flow identifier (QFI)? Sounds like the VIP pass for each flow.

Me: Bingo! QFI is the VIP pass indeed. Each QoS flow, a combo of Service Data Flows (SDFs) with similar QoS needs, gets its unique QFI in a PDU session. It’s like giving each flow its own identity card in the bustling network crowd.

Tech Explorer: In NSA networking, we had QCI and EPS Bearer ID (EBI) playing tag. What’s the play in SA?

Me: SA switches it up! Say goodbye to QCI and EBI; we’re rolling with 5G QoS Identifier (5QI) and QFI. One 5QI can represent the QoS needs of multiple flows in a session, and each flow struts its stuff with its distinctive QFI.

Tech Explorer: It’s like a QoS fashion show in SA networking!

Me: Exactly! SA brings its own flair to the runway. Exciting times, right?

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