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Vodafone Spain : First flight of 5G drone in 700 MHz band

Vodafone spain, in partnership with CATEC, has made the very first trip of a 5G drone in the frequency of 700Mhz in the ATLAS center situated in...

Functional Split Options in Open Ran

There are 8 options available as per 3GPP shown at the below snapshot, so you can split the gNB at different points in protocol...

Rakuten: Huge Losses in the Mobile Business Q1/21 results

Rakuten has published their Q1/21 results and some astonishing losses showing in the Mobile business. Japan’s newest mobile operator is just one year old and...

5G Planning: Static Vs Dynamic Beams

In 5G Planning,  you need to know that Massive Mimo can generate both static and dynamic beams, check our article about benefits of massive...

French regulator will issue 5G licences on 18 November

France's telecommunications authority Arcep has actually announced  the finalization of the last step in the 5G spectrum award procedure and also confirmed that the...

China 5G deployment update

China has currently created over 690,000 5G base stations across the country by the end of September, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology...

5G User Throughput reached 5Gbps

On 20 October 2020,  Verizon, Ericsson and Qualcomm Technologies have teamed up to be the first in the world to demonstrate 5G peak speeds...

Incredible increase of 5G private networks in Germany

Up to September 2020 The German communications regulator has handed out 74 licences to public and private sector applicants to build 5G campus networks. Bundesnetzagentur...

Explosion of 5G device shipment in China, light models are prioritized

China have launched 5G on June 2019, and on august of the same year the first domestic 5G mobile phone was launched. After 1 year,...

Open RAN should be a part of every operators business strategy

The objective of this technology is to open interfaces within the mobile network and allow a transition from a limited number of verticalized vendors promoting proprietary “end-to-end” solutions to an open market of “best-of-breed” system designs offered by numerous vendors. This has already allowed the entry of new vendors in the relatively closed mobile infrastructure supply chain with companies like Altiostar, Mavenir, and Parallel Wireless creating new types of equipment.

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