Sunday, September 25, 2022

Test 5G Planning knowledge

Test 5G Planning knowledge

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How much is 5G beamforming Gain calculated in C-band

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Which one of those 5G physical channel are dynamic beams

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how many 5G Coverage scenarios broadcast beams in 64T Massive Mimo:

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DSS Gnb assigns the time-frequency resources instantaneously at a xxx level to the devices

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For 5G PCI planning How much unique PCIs exist in 5G ?

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link budget equation looks like this ?

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In PRACH planning In 5G NR, how many types of preamble format are supported

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Sensitivity is the xxx level of signal that gnobed or UE can receive

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Penetration loss for mmwave can be up to:

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5G NR Throughput calculation depends on below parameters :

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