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Summary about 5G spectrum arround the world

We see clearly industry convergence towards the 3 bands strategy: 600-700mhz coverage, 3.5Ghz capacity, 26-28Ghz ultra capacity, below a updated figure from qualcomm (08/2020)

Some highlights from the above figure:

-Strong progress in USA in Midbands with CBRS auction, additional allocation in the 4GHz and the 1200MHz unlicensed spectrum allocated in the 6GHz band.

-China already allocated 700Mhz and 3.5GHz bands and trialing on mmWave.

-Japan allocating a wide range of bands for private networks including 2.6GHz, 1.9GHz, 4.9GHz and 28GHz by Q4 2020.

-Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan already launched 5G on 3.5GHz and 28GHz.

-Acceleration of Europe 3.5Ghz awards – by end 2020, 25 countries expected to have finalize their allocations.

-Europe progress on 26GHz fairly slow, only 3 countries awarded, but a large amounts of trials across others.

-mmWave business models: Italy, finland and germany spearheading different allocation models for private networks on 26GHz

-India, Malaysia and Indonesia in various pilots but licensing only happening late 2021.

Below the global mmWave spectrum targets

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