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Is QoS in 5G same as 4G?

Is QoS in 5G same as 4G?

My friend: Hi Ibrahim, I have a question for you.

Me: Please, go ahead.

My friend: I am wondering if QoS in 5G same as 4G or is it different?

Me: Actually, it is completely different as in 4G, QoS differentiation requires establishing different EPS bearers, each with different QCI as all user plane data transferred using the same EPS Bearer has the same QoS, which brings high signaling overhead as each EPS bearer establishment is done between UE and PGW.

My friend: It is clear for 4G, what about 5G?

Me: The 5G QoS model is based on QoS Flows, no bearers in 5G. The QoS flow is the finest granularity of QoS differentiation in the PDU session compared to the 4G QoS which is based on the static bearer concept and this allows the 5G QoS to be assured on application basis, so we can create a QoS flow for each application and QoS flows are created dynamically without the need for E2E signaling. Also, short lived QoS flows (e.g., low latency requirements) can receive differentiated QoS treatment without the overhead of establishing EPS bearers from E2E and then release it again and so on.

My friend: Thanks a lot. You make it very simple.

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