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NEC Corporation will acquire Aspire Technology to boost ORAN

NEC Corporation has increased its capacity to deliver End-to-End Open RAN ecosystems, along with system design and integration for legacy networks, with its agreement to acquire Aspire Technology headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.

Aspire Technology provides solutions and services across 2G to 5G for legacy and open architectures along with software applications, consulting and systems integration for Tier-1 operators.

Aspire Technology works with operators, vendors and other SI companies across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.The acquisition is planned to be completed in July 2022.

Naohisa Matsuda, General Manager of NEC’s 5G Strategy and Business said, “NEC has made a strong, public commitment to providing leadership in the rollout of Open RAN. Part of that commitment is building out our ability to serve as the prime system integrator for global operators as they adopt Open Networks at their own pace. The SI business is all about people and expertise. The strong capabilities and the deep pool of talented engineers at Aspire Technology, combined with their portfolio of technology solutions and applications, is a big step forward for our NEC Open Networks strategy. NEC is now better prepared than any supplier to integrate disaggregated network components into a well-tuned ecosystem.”

It’s also worth to mention that Aspire technology is a key test partner for technology developers looking to get their product verified before being put in front of network operators, and if you take Mavenir and Vmware they are already working with Aspire Technology.

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