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Open Ran Massive Mimo is coming thanks to Mavenir & Xilinx

Mavenir and also Xilinx have actually worked together to deliver a joint 4G/5G Massive MIMO products for open RAN deployments.
The initial O-RAN compliant mMIMO 64TRX item from the companies is expected in the 4th quarter of 2021.

For the cooperation, Mavenir is bringing virtualized RAN software that supports Massive MIMO, which works on Mavenir’s cloud-native platform or other open RAN cloud platforms, along with systems integration knowledge. Xilinx is offering the Group B O-RAN radio unit as well as products that will utilize its innovation system, including RFSoC digital front end (DFE) and Versal AI for advanced beamforming.

Instead of a standard platform for demonstrations, Mavenir and Xilinx have an objective  to deliver a commercially practical end-to-end open RAN Massive MIMO device for clients.
vRAN software support for mMIMO consists of the core network, centralized Unit (CU), as well as Distributed UNit (DU). Features include complete digital beamforming that splits up to 16 layers, with Multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO).

Job Benson, VP and head of RAN Product Management at Mavenir acknowledged some uncertainty in the market as to whether massive MIMO for open RAN is manageable, but he has confidence saying:
“Definitely we, Mavenir and Xilinx, will deliver by the end of the year a massive MIMO open RAN radio,” He added also that the upcoming Massive MIMO products will be “extremely competitive compared to what is available”

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