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How 5G link budget is calculated ?

  • The 5G link budget is an accounting of the transmitted power, along with all the gains and losses. it is used to calculate the received signal level at the the receiver handset (UE).
  • A simple link budget equation looks like this:

Received Power = Transmitted Power + Gains − Losses

  • In DL link budget, we are calculating path loss based on what we call sensitivity of receiver. So, the received signal level is compared to the receiver sensitivity to check if the situation of channel status ( pass or fail).
  • The calculation is based on the  3GPP 38.901 standard and approximately Link budget of 5G NR can be calculated using the formula:
  • Path loss (dB) = BTS transmit power (dBm) -10×log10 (number of sub-carriers) + base station antenna gain (dBi) – base station feeder loss (dB) – penetration loss (dB) – vegetation loss (dB) – human block loss (dB) – interference margin (dB) – rain/ice margin (dB) dB) – Slow fading margin (dB) – Body loss (dB) +UE Antenna gain (dB) – Thermal noise power (dBm) -UE Noise coefficient (dB) – Demodulation threshold SINR (dB)


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