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Can UE transmit or receive data in idle mode in 5G?

My friend: Hi Ibrahim, I have …

Me (smiling to him): No, this time I’m going to ask you.

My friend: Ok, let’s change the roles, but this time only.

Me: Can UE in idle mode be able to transmit or receive data?

My friend (looking at me strangely): You are kidding, right? You know better than me that UE in idle mode can’t use the UL or the DL to transmit or receive data, so this isn’t possible.

Me: Yes, I agree with you regarding the 1st part, but not the 2nd part as UE in idle mode can’t use the UL or DL to transmit or receive data, however it can use what is called the sidelink in some cases of V2X (Vehicle to Everything) such as V2V (Vehicle to Vehicle), V2P (Vehicle to Pedestrian) and V2I (Vehicle to Infrastructure) while V2N (Vehicle to Network) is using UL and DL as normal.

Me (continuing): And this is called direct communication modes without network assistance which already started in Rel-14 and enhanced in Rel-15 and Rel-16.

My friend: Thanks a lot. Amazing question, but it is clear now.

Me: You are welcome. Please share arround you to clear it for everyone.

Source: Ibrahim Sayed

Linkedin Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ibrahim-sayed-88a7747-5g/

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