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July 2020: what is situation in 5G South Korea ?

In July 2020: Let’s take a look on how Korea has rolled out 5G new technology in their country with a 5G traffic reaching 30% of total traffic only 1year and half after 5G launch

There are some outstanding aspects of their 5G plan, encompassing regulatory, industry, OEMs, Telcos, applications and vendor ecosystem. There is no other country with this level of forward-looking.

Below Some interesting aspects about 5G in korea:

  1. Regulator assigned +100Mhz on mid band of each carrier to secure nationwide deployments
    2. Telcos are already carrying almost 30% of total mobile data over 5G networks
    3. 11% of users are 5G subscribers (+-8Mn subs)
    4. Users are experiencing in average 6 times faster speed than 4G. (and Korea was among the fastest 4G networks)
    5. Wide device availability including below 500 usd handsets
    6. All carriers reported Industrial use cases, specifically for uses cases with ultra low latency, leveraging on Edge technologies
    7. KT has already more than 5G 80,000 RRUs in service
    8. National task force to expand 5G coverage in rural areas
    9. Wide range of consumers apps for AR, XR and wearables.
    10. All telcos have reported ARPU increase due to 5G

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