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3D Beamforming test results

Below benefits of massive MIMO:

  • Improved spectral efficiency and network capacity for higher throughput. The system sends and receivesmultiple data signals over the same radio channel, which increases the spectral efficiency per cell andthe number of users who can be served simultaneously.
  • Stronger signal and reduction of interference for better coverage thanks to beamforming

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3D Beamforming test at Samsung

Beamforming provides accurate and narrow beams through aiming of the signal, which reduces interference and improves signal quality, especially at the cell edge. Beamforming allows for expanded reach of the cell compared to traditional antennas. This is particularly true for higher frequencies where beamforming compensates for the higherpath loss.

3D Beamforming enables the eNodeB to horizontally and vertically adjust broadcast beams, enhancing vertical coverage of broadcast beams. In this way, more floors can be covered by a single site. which improve the link quality for indoor UEs in tall buildings. increasing the downlink cell throughput and spectral efficiency.

As shown in the graph below, total downlink cell throughput for eight phones on multiple ­floors of a high-rise building outperformed total downlink cell throughput for eight phones on the same ­floor of the building. This shows that 3D beamforming (elevation) achieves similar performance at the device in elevation scenarios as is achieved in horizontal-plan–only beamforming

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