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OpenRAN is the technology to adress operator issues

OpenRAN is the technology to adress operator issues

The telecom provider commonly comply with the traditional path of including one more layer to the network every time a new technology emerges. So, every couple of years, the telcos require to spend considerably to update the networks to provide the latest technology and new use cases to their customers.

Significantly, the telcos become aware of the constraints of this approach. It is counterproductive and also money intensive. This is a hardware-driven method with the communications service providers needing to depend on a few suppliers for their network infrastructure as well as equipments. Further, this is an expensive means of providing  network services where a few network equipment vendors  call the shots with no intention of   embracing a new, innovative, and also more cost effective means of deploying and managing networks.

Nevertheless, forever dropping call rates and reducing margins and competition from over-the-top (OTT) players indicate that telcos need a fundamentally various approach to deal with these challenges. Additionally, with 5G coming up, which demands ubiquitous coverage and extremely low latency, the telcos need to explore newer approaches of setting up networks for much better cost-efficiency. The 5G also requires an open, programmable network that is flexible and also agile to facilitate innovative use cases like augmented Reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), smart cities and also Industry 4.0. The legacy hardware-centric networks are unable to satisfy these requirements.

OpenRAN is becoming the response to these issues. Several operators, including MTN, Etisalat, Vodafone, Orange, as well as Telefonica, are currently already benefiting from this open Ran approach. To remind, OpenRAN is an initiative to define RAN services based on ‘general-purpose vendor-neutral hardware and also software-defined technology,’ as defined in Facebook’s telecommunications infra project.

OpenRAN: lets promote openness and flexible use cases 

OpenRAN is an attempt not just to make the network more software-driven, yet additionally to make it interoperable among multi-vendor equipment vendors across different generations of networks.

This approach will help cut costs by reducing dependence on a limited set of vendors by disaggregating the hardware and software components of the infrastructure. This feature ensures that more efficient equipment from different vendors enter the fray and help telecom companies reduce their costs. OpenRAN also allows standardisation of the network infrastructure, making it cheaper and easier for telecom companies to implement changes in the network.

Aside from interoperability as well as disaggregation of software and hardware, OpenRAN promotes self-healing, self-configuration, and also openness, which aid the service providers to future-proof their investments. It makes deployments cloud-native, easy, and also affordable to install, keep, and upgrade to any kind of future modern technology resulting in a possible reduction in costs by approximately 30 percent.

With this method, the telcos no more need to include a new layer for a new technology. A software application upgrade, which doesn’t call for a site visite is enough, the telcos can upgrade the network whenever their subscribers are ready to embrace brand-new technologies. It likewise makes it very simple for the service providers to bring new products and services to their subscribers.

OpenRAN is most likely to be embraced by a growing number of provider, over the next couple of years. This innovation approach is mosting likely to go to the center of innovations. It is in fact changing communications networks around the world. It has plainly disrupted the market and promised to continue as the most popular trend in the telecommunications segment for several of years

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