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What is Service Based Architecture (SBA)?

What is Service Based Architecture (SBA)?

My friend: Hi Ibrahim, can we complete our discussion regarding the 5G core started last time?

Me: Of course. Where did we stop?

My friend: At the changes that will happen in 5G core due to cloud introduction, here is the link of last discussion: https://www.5gworldpro.com/5g-knowledge/206-do-we-really-need-the-5g-core.html

Me: Oh, I remember it now, so let’s start with SBA. My friend: But, if we don’t have SBA, what are other options?

Me: If there is no SBA, so point-to-point(P2P) is the old choice which is using standardized interfaces between network elements to allow for multi-vendor networks like S11 between MME and SGW in 4G EPC and this technique is old and already used before in 2G and 3G as well.

The problem here is that P2P approach creates a lot of interfaces between function elements and this results in dependencies between functions and make it difficult to change a deployed architecture and with 5G, flexibility is a must. SBA decouples the end-user service from the underlying network and platform infrastructure which will enable both functional and service agility.

Also, note that 3GPP R15 selected SBA to be its choice for implementation of 5G core Control PLane.

My friend: Thanks a lot. I got it now.

Please share this information to spread it and make sure it is clear for everyone.

Source: Ibrahim Sayed

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