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5G strategy of Vodafone Germany and Deutsche Telekom

5G strategy of Vodafone Germany and Deutsche Telekom

Vodafone Germany confirmed that it is starting to expand its 5G network based upon the brand-new 700 megahertz frequencies, which enable reception in a vast area. This means that the company can begin to cover rural areas, also, where network reception does not works well. The company will activate more than 8,000 antennas at 2,800 areas for 5G utilizing 700 MHz frequencies during this year.

Vodafone is also starting to utilize antennas to provide both 5G and LTE with Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS). It is evaluating DSS in Berge (Meschede), in the area of Hochsauerland in North Rhine-Westphalia in collaboration with Ericsson.

In the other hand Deutsche Telekom is devoted to supply 5G to more than half of the population in Germany, in cities and also rural areas, during this year. It also confirmed using Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS), to make use of its existing frequencies for 5G.

Deutsche Telekom will make use of 5 MHz from its existing 3G range in the 2.1 GHz band for LTE and 5G, so consumers will benefit from a larger frequency. Also Telekom intended to cover with the new 5G Technology 90 percent of the territory by 2025.

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