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What is network slicing in 5G?

What is network slicing in 5G?

My friend: Hi Ibrahim, I want to remind you about our 5G core discussion. As we finished SBA discussion during last time.

Me: Today, we’ll discuss about the network slicing in 5G core.

My friend: Go ahead.

Me: So, slicing is not a new concept in 5G, it was there in 4G as well but with limited potentials such as APN, MORAN and GWCN as it doesn’t support the full End-to-End solution as in 5G.

To make it easier, imagine that the operator network is a big cake and we’ll divide it into slices. Each slice will contain a part of the whole network including radio network, transport network and core network. Also, each slice is isolated from the others and they use different network resources (can be shared as well). So, each slice can support a separate use case such as different slice for each 5G use case.

Also, each slice can be dedicated to a specific service such as automotive, health care or media. Then, each slice can be shared with different companies using the same service but with different SLA for each company, so for example the automotive slice can be shared between BMW, Mercedes and Audi, which we call horizontal and vertical slicing.

My friend: Thanks a lot. got it.

Please share this information to spread it and make sure it is clear for everyone.

Source: Ibrahim Sayed

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