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How 5G DSS Works ?

When NR TDD spectrum is not yet available, spectrum sharing enables  pooling of radio resources in both UL and DL directions according to instant needs and pre-defined policies between LTE and NR (5G), below the working principle :

  • NR signals are transmitted over unused LTE resource
  • With LTE, all the channels are statically assigned in the time-frequency, the NR physical layer is extremely flexible for reference signals, data and control channels
  • Only 5G devices are made aware of DSS
  • Existing LTE devices remain unaffected (i.e. LTE protocols in connected or idle mode)
  • LTE PDSCH and NR PDSCH can coexist by using different set of RBs

What are the key UE features used for DSS ?

  1. SSB allocation on MBSFN subframes (supported by UEs above Rel8)

=> to handle NR Synchronisation Signals (SS Block)  collision with configuration LTE Signals

2. LTE CRS rate matching or symbol/RB rate matching => to map around LTE signals PBCH/PSS/SSS,PDCCH region, etc. and avoid NR transmissions colliding with them


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