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Motivation and Drivers for 6G

The NGMN Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) identify the key drivers for 6G and outline their vision for 6G and the future transition of networks enabling differentiated services with expanded market opportunities and novel experience.

Below the key messages that should be taken into account to define 6G requirements :

  • It is important to define the societal requirements of 6G, in addition to the traditional technical requirements, before designing the system
  • Performance and societal requirements need to be considered with equal importance
    Technical solutions are needed to meet performance AND societal requirements
  • The telecom ecosystem should involve consumers and service providers to identify their needs in parallel with the technology development

And you can see in the figure the expected performance gap between 5G and 6G in terms of :

1- Energy Efficiency

2- EMF Awarness

3- Digital inclusion

4- Resilience

5- Security

6- E2E environmental impact

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