Saturday, June 3, 2023
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Zain Kuwait announces the launch of Voice over NR services

Zain Kuwait announces the launch of voice over 5G services. This makes Zain the first global telecom operator to launch Vo5G nationwide coverage in all areas of Kuwait.

The revolutionary technology gives Zain customers an unparalleled experience. It allows them to access ultra-fast internet and make voice calls using compatible smartphones. After extensive testing in order to assess the readiness of its network, Zain have launched commercially this service with the objective to operate at the highest quality.

Vo5G is available for free on the new Samsung S22 line and futur compatible devices. Voice over 5G provides users with a practical solution that combines unique technical capabilities with high quality and flexibility. Customers of Zain will be able make clear voice calls over 5G networks, along with data services, without any interruptions.

This service is a great option for those who depend heavily on data services as they won’t have to stop calling to get the best internet experience.

Zain’s standalone 5G network (SA 5G) hosts the voice over 5G service. It was deployed by the company earlier in this year. SA 5G is widely considered as the future of 5G. It allows Zain’s network to reach its full potential, increasing coverage, and laying the foundation for applications that harness 5G’s speed and low latency. Zain’s 5G development is leading the Kuwait telecom market. Its overall strategic objective of providing first-class 5G services to Kuwaiti users has resulted in its business success.

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