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X4000 Communications acquires 5G spectrum in regional Queensland, Australia

X4000 Communications, a Brisbane-based telco and a partner of 5GWorldpro, has secured 5G spectrum that covers remote and rural areas in Queensland.

Two mmWave licences were granted to the company, which covers approximately 75 percent of Queensland’s regional areas.

X4000 will target enterprise customers as well as vertical markets in industry 4.0 for smart industries and public safety agencies. For the network, the company also worked with vendors Athonet, Cisco, Mavenir Nokia, Ericsson, and Cradlepoint.

Paul Spicer, chief executive of X4000, stated that his company’s strategy was to acquire more spectrum “in the near future to expand its footprint.”

“mmWave spectrum, which is only one component, provides all the components necessary to provide end-to-end solutions, such as private 5G networks and 5G DAS in building, tactical products for mission critical communications, and tactical products. We offer a variety of 5G services and products to the market.

Spicer stated that the company’s unique value proposition to the market was its vendor-agnostic nature and carrier neutrality, as well as that its network meets all regulatory compliance standards, guidelines, and standards.

“We have established a 5G partnership ecosystem, 5G design patterns and 5G online training through our exclusive partner 5GWorldPro. We also have 5G specialists who can provide independent advice.”

X4000 announced that it supports the government’s economic strategy for digital innovation using leading-edge 5G technology in all vertical industries. It also stated that its 5G ecosystem would provide benefits and value for organisations enabling 5G technology throughout Australia.

Founded in 2019, X4000 is a digital service provider of 5G network, application and cyber security services.

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