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5 tips for Open RAN success

With the rollout of 5G, digital service providers have an opportunity to create new revenue streams. It’s essential to have the right network and infrastructure in place to maximize the potential of 5G.
By virtualizing your radio access network (RAN), you can quickly scale software-based network functions, increase network capacity, improve performance, and reduce operational complexity.

Here are five tips from Redhat, for creating a flexible and scalable RAN that’s ready for 5G :

1- Build a horizontal telco cloud
Deliver Open RAN infrastructure over a cloud-native foundation — interconnected with open application programming interfaces (APIs) — to increase flexibility, consistency, and savings

2- Select the right Kubernetes platform
Ensure your Kubernetes platform has the networking fea tures to benefit from reduced latency, high throughput, and high-precision timing. Delivering cloud-native network functions on bare-metal servers offers significant benefits for RAN performance.

3- Define a more secure telco cloud solution
Employ a more secure operating system foundation with a minimal attack surface and strong workload isolation

4- Harness AI-powered RAN automation
Embrace DevOps methodologies and artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) techniques to automate RAN operational decision making, preventive maintenance, and performance optimization.

5- Embrace an open partner ecosystem
Promote supplier diversity by adopting industry standards and open source projects to bring community innovation to software quality.

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