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Importance of NR 2100 in FDD

As we all know, 2100 band was previously used for 3G/ UMTS. In Germany some operators where using 15 Mhz from this frequency band since June 2020 for LTE and 5G variably with DSS.

As a reminder, Dynamic Spectrum Sharing enables the parallel use of LTE and 5G in the same frequency band. The technology determines the demand for 5G and LTE in real-time

Then in 2023, those operators launched NR2100 completely dedicated on 15MHz and were able to get 20% more DL Speed.


As you see from the figure, from a live test done in Germay, 66% of 4G devices are supporting 3CC with 2100 Mhz (15M) , 2600 MHz (20M), 1800 Mhz (20M) with a DL Throughput of 419 Mps, while on 5,6% is supporting 4CC with also L800 MHz (10M).

On the other hand, by activating NR 2100,  100% of 5G devices is supporting NR 2100 + 3CC reaching 660 Mbps, 20% More speed than LTE 4CC.

And of course NR2100 help also improve 5G Coverage by using CA with 3.5 Ghz sites.

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