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Samsung and Dell collaborate to bring Open RAN solutions to operators

The concept of Open RAN promises to provide Communication Service Providers (CSPs) with the flexibility to choose from multiple vendors by opening up the interfaces of the RAN system. However, opening up these interfaces creates integration challenges that must be resolved before CSPs can trust the reliability of the solutions. Simplifying this process can accelerate the adoption of Open RAN.

To address this challenge, Dell Technologies and Samsung are collaborating to support seamless multi-vendor solution integration and solve Open RAN challenges. Samsung will integrate its virtualized centralized unit (vCU) and distributed unit (vDU) software with Dell Poweredge XR8000 and XR5610 servers, specifically designed for RAN environments, providing the performance and power consumption characteristics required in RAN deployments.

In addition, the companies will provide a flexible model for joint customer engagements and offer post-sales support to customers. Andrew Vaz, Vice President of Product Management at Dell Technologies Telecom Systems Business, said that “network operators are on the journey of transforming to open technologies, but they need help validating and testing the various solutions for their networks. Together with Samsung, our aim is to provide validated, price-performant RAN solutions that network operators can confidently deploy in their networks.”

Open RAN promotes multi-vendor technologies to give CSPs more choice and flexibility. Collaborations such as the one between Dell and Samsung will help the industry overcome current Open RAN integration challenges and propel Open RAN forward.

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