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Sustainability in Mobile Networks: Current Status and Key Insights


🌱 Operational Energy Use: 65-85% of energy in mobile networks comes from operational activities, urging optimization for efficiency.

📱 Life Cycle Impact: 80% of a mobile device’s impact stems from materials and manufacturing, emphasizing sustainable sourcing and production.

💡 Network Energy Consumption: Mobile networks contribute two-thirds of overall network energy usage, with a notable 18% increase from 2015 to 2020.

💰 Energy Costs: Energy expenses make up 20-40% of network operating costs, highlighting the importance of efficiency measures for cost reduction.

🔄 Refurbishing vs. Manufacturing: Refurbishing network equipment emits 90% less carbon than manufacturing new equipment, advocating for circular economy practices.

Let’s harness these insights to drive sustainability initiatives in mobile networks, fostering a greener and more efficient digital ecosystem.

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