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Fujitsu granted first private 5G license in Japan

Fujitsu introduced on 19/02/2020 that it was granted Japan’s first exclusive 5G radio station provisional license by the Kanto Bureau of Telecommunications. Fujitsu’s private 5G license was issued for 100Mhz covering the 28.2 GHz to 28.3 GHz frequency. Fujitsu currently plans to establish a radio station with private 5G radio waves for its private 5G Network at its Shin-Kawasaki Innovation Square workplace in Kawasaki.

In the springtime of this year, Fujitsu will certainly likewise move to open a “FUJITSU Collaboration Lab,” which will certainly function as a committed co-creation space for teaming up with customers and partners to workshop and also verify use cases making use of private 5G.

As a next step, Fujitsu will certainly continue to apply for private 5G licenses for its various other private sites places, plants, and group business in Japan, supplying support for consumers in different markets to accomplish their very own digital transformation projects to deliver brand-new value and business innovation.

5G Private nework will unlock New Business opportunities 

The introduction of private 5G, which enables firms as well as city governments to run their own, ultra-fast private networks, is anticipated to speed up business innovation in reaction to the varied demands of people and communities throughout society. Private 5G network technology promises to unlock countless business applications in different industries, such as increasing the deployment of IoT in manufacturing, developing secure networks for smooth remote operations and enhancing surveillance at building and construction sites as well as clinical centers.

Shingo Mizuno, Corporate Executive Officer SVP, Vice Head of Service System Organisation Group at Fujitsu Limited, comments: “”Obtaining this qualification marks an exciting and important milestone in the development of our 5G capabilities in Japan. We’re looking forward to the chance to work together with our customers and partners to leverage private 5G network technologies to solve business challenges across a wide range of industries and use case scenarios going forward”

Private 5G License details: 

– Use case validation making use of private 5G in the “FUJITSU Cooperation Lab”

– Operation of security system utilizing AI-powered photo analysis with several cams

– Place Fujitsu Shin-Kawasaki Modern Technology Square (Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan).

Frequency range: 28.2 GHz to 28.3 GHz.

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