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The OFCOM investigates 5G exposure to EMF

Ofcom The Office of Communications which is the UK government-approved regulatory and competition authority for the broadcasting, telecommunications and postal industries of the United Kingdom has opened up an examination on human exposure to Electromagnetic Field Emissions (EMF) in the UK.

The consultation began on February 21th, 2020 and also will end on May 15th, 2020. The regulator recommends to include a special condition in telecom licences to be compliant with ICNIRP guidelines. This special condition will apply to all devices and equipments, which can transmit at powers above 10 Watts. The condition will certainly have in impact on licences of mobile operators, TV and radio broadcasters as well as of many microwave links suppliers. Ofcom additionally recommends a comparable approach for licence-exempt equipment, which can transmit at powers above 10 Watts (including satellite terminals).

At the same time, Ofcom showed the results of EMF measurements taht were collected near to 16 5G base stations in 10 different cities throughout the UK and to 60 GHz Fixed wireless equipment in Liverpool. In all cases, the measured EMF levels from 5G base stations were far listed below the ICNIRP Guidelines (the highest degree was roughly 1.5% of the relevant level); the 5G share of the overall emissions level observed was presently very low– the highest degree observed in the band utilized for 5G was simply 0.039% of the reference level.

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