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Swisscom, Telstra, Ooredoo, Play use Dynamic spectrum sharing

Swisscom, Telstra, Ooredoo, Play use Ericsson spectrum sharing

Telecom operators such as Swisscom, Telstra, Ooredoo and Play have started using Dynamic spectrum sharing in order to cost-effectively launch 5G on a nationwide scale.

Dynamic spectrum  Sharing solution enables telecom operators to deploy both 5G and 4G in the exact same band and on the exact same radio via a software program upgrade– dynamically allocating spectrum based on user demand on a 1 millisecond basis.

It is one of the most economically viable means to deploy 5G on existing bands– allowing wide 5G coverage from the first day– making a lot more efficient use of spectrum and providing premium customer performance.

Fredrik Jejdling, head of Networks, Ericsson, stated: “For the very first time, our customers do not have to re-farm spectrum prior to deploying a new ‘G’ as well as can promptly get 5G on the exact same footprint as they have with 4G today ”

Ericsson said greater than 80 percent of the commercial 5G networks it support will certainly use spectrum sharing solution to achieve 5G coverage– in the next 12 months. It means that Ericsson Spectrum Sharing will certainly mean that provider can rapidly rollout 5G on their FDD bands without the need to re-invest. It indicates they can make use of both their new and existing bands for 5G services.


Swisscom introduced commercial 5G services in April 2019. In December 2019, Swisscom reached nationwide 5G coverage and also is upgrading their network with Ericsson spectrum Sharing. “Customers benefit from 5G in no time and operators use their precious spectrum in the most efficient manner. “We already reached nationwide coverage with 90 percent of the population with 5G,” Christoph Aeschlimann, head of IT, Network & Infrastructure Group division, Swisscom, said.


Telstra Australia launched its 5G network in Australia and also has actually now presented 5G coverage in 32 cosmopolitan as well as local cities around the country with the help of Ericsson, its key 5G network partner. ” Ericsson Spectrum Sharing will continue to play a crucial role in helping Telstra pave the way for a faster rollout of 5G, allowing us to serve the needs of 4G and 5G customers in the same location at the same time,” Channa Seneviratne, Network and Engineering Infrastructure Executive, Telstra, said.


Ooredoo, after going live with 5G on 3.5 GHz band in Doha, is taking the next action to make its Supernet totally 5G-enabled throughout the nation with Ericsson Spectrum Sharing. “Dynamic Spectrum Sharing comes as an innovation that shares spectrum between 4G and 5G carriers based on traffic demand. This enables us to use our spectrum assets efficiently by driving 5G-wide coverage roll-out quickly, smoothly and cost efficiently,” Waleed Al Sayed, chief executive officer of Ooredoo Qatar, said.


Play, a mobile service provider in Poland, has activated Ericsson Range Sharing on its commercial network. “The 5G network in Legionowo is yet another proof of Play’s technological advancement in 5G and an important milestone in our strategy to expand and modernize our network,” said Jean Marc Harion, CEO of Play.

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