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3 Hong Kong operators launched 5G service in 1st April 2020

3 Hong Kong operators launched 5G service in 1st April 2020

China Mobile Hong Kong, Hutchinson as well as HKT have launched commercial 5G solutions in Hong Kong as of April 1.

Hong Kong’s 4th network operator, SmarTone has yet to confirm when it will launch its own 5G network.

The operators had obtained 200 megahertz of 3.5 GHz spectrim for HKD1 billion ($129 million) in mid-October 2019. These 5G licenses will stand for a 15-year period.

China Mobile Hong Kong claimed that its 5G network will cover the entire Hong Kong city– 90% of the major Central as well as Western, Wan Chai, and Causeway Bay Districts; almost 90% of the Kwun Tong District; and near to 80% of the Tsuen Wan District.

China Mobile Hong Kong highlighted that it had actually performed a 5G standalone network trial in November in 2018, which allows for the provision of network slicing solutions.

The operator said “Different slices can provide customized private network services and a diverse mix of 5G applications for corporate customers, making it easier to facilitate different projects within the financial, real estate, and property management sectors, coming up in the near future,”

Hutchison Telecom Hong Kong, stated that its 5G base stations are served by a 10 Gbps optical-fiber backhaul network, and that its 5G service is expected to cover the entire country within the year.

CEO of Hutchison Kenny Koo  said “By combining 5G technology with artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT) concept and big data, and applying the sum of the parts comprehensively, we will achieve massive connectivity and redefine mobile communications – creating a superlative all-round 5G user experience for all”

On the other hand, HKT had previously stated that 5G coverage will reach 11 of Hong Kong’s 18 districts.

HKT and Hutchison Telecom Hong Kong offer Samsung S20 series and Huawei mate XS 5G phones, while China Mobile Hong Kong’s line-up just includes compatible devices from Samsung.

All 3 operators have entry level tariffs available for around HKD250 ($33) each month for around 8Gb of data.

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