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What are the main benefits of Mobile Edge Computing ?

Definition of Edge Computing from Gartner:

“Edge computing is a distributed computing topology where information processing is  placed closer to the things or people that produce and/or consume that information”

It means that mobile Edge Computing provides a cloud-computing capabilities at the edge of the mobile network in close proximity to mobile subscribers, it is also considered as one of the key pillars for meeting the demanding KPIs of 5G

Below the main benefits and key drivers related to Mobile Edge Computing

Latency:  Thanks to edge, latency can be reduced to millisecond or even less, while several hops and also long data transmission distances increase significantly  the latency 50-150 ms

– High throughput: The throughput available to the user from the edge which is offered using cached content will be higher than the one generated from a core data center.

– Cost reduction: By executing data  analytics at the edge, operators  can cut down the quantity of data that has to be sent upstream. This consesquently reduce costs as well as allows for effective use of available bandwidth.

– Context-awareness: The edge has access to the radio network, and also knows  location and user information details provided by the radio location network (RAN); this information can be used by edge applications to personalize actions.

Security: Operators can protect their networks against assaults from the user equipment (UE) or consumer premise equipment (CPE) using edge applications, allowing to stop attacks before  they propagate  through the CSP infrastructure.

– Resilience in isolation: An edge cloud has the ability to provide services when there is a lost connection or degraded one because he can serve as an isolated data center

– Compliance and privacy: As the Edge applications, are managind data it does not need to cross national borders which will help with ensuring privacy and information location laws.

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