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Orange France will switch on 5G network in 15 cities on 03 December

Orange confirmed that the launch of its 5G service in France will finally occur on 03 December and will also cover several cities, consisting of Nice, Marseille, Le Mans, Angers and Clermont Ferrand. The network will in the first place go live in fifteen places, rising to 160 communities and cities by the end of the year. The company said that the launch  will mostly rely on the 3.5 GHz band, conifrming that the roll-out will be supplemented by the use of 2.1 GHz frequency.

From October, French consumers have actually been offered 5G-compatible data and voice  plans, on a standalone basis and also as part of Open multi-play packages. Ever since, Orange has actually presented a ‘Pro’ mobile package in the B2B segment, valued EUR 62/month  as well as providing a data allowance of 150 GB. It has actually likewise refreshed its range of plans for entreprises with a 5G add-on bringing a 20GB additional to the three price rates the  Enterprise portfolio.

Rival SFR turned on its 5G network in Nice on 20 November, while Bouygues Telecom has set up the launch of its commercial service for 01 December. All network operators in the country have actually been asked by the government to maintain excellent discussion with regional authorities regarding their roll-out plans.

This is in feedback to the opposition expressed by numerous regional councils, talking about the environmental as well as health  concerns voiced by political player such as the Ecological party. In Paris, as an example, the city’s mayor Anne Hidalgo has  lately introduced a consultation  on the deployment of 5G solutions. This includes a panel of 80 citizens who have actually been asked to consider the problems at risk and give recommendations that will be presented  to the capital’s council by 15 December.

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