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5G B2B: T-Mobile US launches 5G FWA for Enterprise market


Since the closure of the T-Mobile Sprint merger in April 2020, the company has been the first mobile operator in the US with a 36.4% market share at the end of 2020.
However, AT&T and Verizon still dominate the Enterprise market. In order to develop its presence on this high-value market T-Mobile has launched a range of offers for enterprise customers called “T WFX”. It includes 4G/5G fixed wireless access (FWA) for remote workers, new enterprise unlimited plans and new cloud collaboration tools


Covid-19 crisis has strongly developed work at home, confirming pain points of remote working: unsatisfactory connectivity and security issues. So T-Mobile introduced a new broadband service “T-Mobile Home Internet for Business” which comes with a dedicated 4G/5G router, security tools and unlimited data for $90 per month per line.

The router can prioritise business devices to keep personal traffic on the network separate and provides “enterprise-grade protection” to avoid the security risks of home Wi-Fi networks. The service is paid by the company and the router is shipped directly to employees for self installation.

T-Mobile claims that 60 million households are already covered by the service (in 4G or 5G) and that it will cover more than 90 million households by 2025


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