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How can Extended CP affect 5G Performance?

My friend: Hi Ibrahim, I have a question for you.

Me: Go ahead.

My friend: What is meant by extended CP?

Me: Extended CP (Cyclic Prefix), ECP, refers to the usage of longer guard period between symbols than normal CP (NCP). The NCP is specified for all SCS whereas the ECP is currently only specified for the 60 kHz SCS. The ECP increases the duration of each symbol because the duration of the CP increases while duration of the payload remains constant which decreases the number of symbols in each slot from 14 symbols to 12 symbols, i.e. physical layer air interface capacity is reduced.

My friend: So, what is the benefit gained if capacity reduced?

Me: The coverage will be improved and many trails were done specially at the mmWave band to increase cell radius and last trail, cell radius reached up to 6.5Km, so with high capacity in mmWave, reduction of the no. of symbols won’t affect too much and on the other hand, coverage is improved which will be an ideal case specially for FWA to cover user with no internet connectivity in remote areas.

My friend: Thanks a lot. Me: You are welcomed.

Source: Ibrahim Sayed

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