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Bouygues Telecom will launch 5G standalone in 2023 with Ericsson


French operator Bouygues Telecom selected  Ericsson to deploy 5G SA (StandAlone) core infrastructure and bring to market 5G-powered private network offerings.

This latest collaboration covers the supply of Ericsson’s cloud-native Dual Mode 5G Core to achieve the second major phase in Bouygues Telecom’s 5G roadmap. The operator will deploy 5G SA infrastructure, with the first commercial services expected from early 2023.

From July, B2B clients will be able  to experience the benefits of 5G SA at Bouygues Telecom’s 5G Lab facility. Otherwise, clients will be able to test 5G SA at their own premises, by taking advantage of a time-limited pilot offer for small and larger sites .

The operator said that it will bring to market new private network offerings from next year, based on a virtual and hybrid approach, this will be done using network slicing to secure the amount of guaranteed connectivity needed by the customer. With the latter, clients have their own dedicated network equipment on site, connecting to the operator’s core infrastructure.

Starting from the second half of the year, Bouygues will also introduce a new service for the enterprise segment, based on the Swedish supplier’s 5G-powered dedicated private network offering, named Ericsson Private 5G or EP5G.

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