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What is 5G Security ?

With 5G networks, billions of devices and IoT (the internet of things) are interconnectible — leading to use cases like smart cities, AR/VR on mobile networks, remote medicine and much more. The potential is practically unlimited.

On the other hand, IoT introduces a new security risks due to the number of devices, impact of an attack and lack of appropriate security controls. As long as the IoT continues to expand, the number of threats will continue to increase . The IoT attack surface is across the entire IoT system, including the individual device profile, scale of devices, network interfaces, IoT application, IoT platform and shared resources in the cloud.

5G offers several significant security enhancements compared to its predecessors like 4G and LTE. Lets check below some of the most important 5G Security enhancements :

  • Network slicing allows different networks and services to share the same infrastructure but are isolated from each other. So, each network slice is an isolated end-to-end network tailored to fulfil diverse requirements requested by a particular application
  • 5G is more capable of protecting your identity. For the first time, your connection is shielded from he unauthorized devices that may capture phone calls by mimicking cell towers. Consequently with 5G Your ID is encrypted.
  • With 5G Data and voice traffic within the 5G infrastructure are  protected with a robust encryption algorithm. Which means that hackers with powerful computers won’t want to take the time to decrypt your info.
  • Then, we have edge computing — which is all about where data is processed. With traditional or cloud computing, data may have to travel to a server far away. With edge, it’s processed much closer to the source, enabling the ability for improved threat detection.

With these enhancements related to 5G Security, you’ll be able to:provide mobile users with a safe access to the internet , deliver secure access to applications, improve productivity and provide consistent user experience.

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