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Verizon: 5G Nationwide vs. 5G Ultra Wideband Comparison

Verizon provides two kinds of 5G services 5G Ultra Wideband and 5G Nationwide. lets better understand what is the difference, and answer 6 related questions.

  • 1) What’s the difference between 5G Nationwide network and the 5G Ultra Wideband network?

    • 5G Ultra Wideband is Verizon’s most efficient 5G. 5G Ultra Wideband network utilizes the high-band (mmWave) along with mid-band (C-band) spectrums to offer an unbeatable 5G experience. 5G Ultra Wideband offers game-changing advantages such as speeds that are 10 % faster than you are currently getting.
    • 5G Nationwide will be the daily 5G that’s available across the nation. It uses an extremely low-band spectrum that provides excellent coverage and performance that is that is comparable to our 4G LTE service that has won awards and is only getting better with time.

    Utilizing both technologies along with 4G to offer a reliable, high-quality connectivity throughout the US.

  • 2) Which 5G mobile service available?

    5G Nationwide is accessible in over 2,700 cities. In these locations 5G-enabled devices will display an icon for 5G instead of 4G LTE icon on the device’s screen.

    If you’re using data in an the area that isn’t covered by 5G nationwide, your device switches onto our network of 4G LTE.

    • The change won’t impact your plan’s data allowance. Your device will continue to receive 4G LTE and when you own 5G enabled devices, they will be able to connect to the network 5G Nationwide whenever it is it becomes available.
    • Based on the plan you have 5G Nationwide use may be counted towards your monthly data allowance and Mobile Hotspot allowances.
    • Plans for prepay: prepaid plans for data and phone include access to 5G Nationwide. Our pre-paid Unlimited Plus plan, as well as 150GB and 100GB data-only plans provide access to 5G Nationwide as well as 5G Ultra Wideband. Find out more about plans for prepaid and 5G..
  • 3) What is the location of 5G Ultra Wideband mobile network available?

    5G Ultra Wideband is available in certain areas. Explore our map of coverage to determine the areas where you can access the 5G Ultra Wideband mobile networks are accessible.

  • 4) In which arenas, stadiums, and indoor venues are Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband service available?

    Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband service is accessible in a few of these arenas, stadiums and indoor arenas

    • Arrowhead Stadium (Kansas City, MO)
    • Ball Arena (Denver CO)
    • Bank of America Stadium (Charlotte, NC)
    • CenturyLink Field (Seattle, WA)
    • Chase Center (San Francisco, CA)
    • Citi Field (Queens, NY)
    • Empower Field at Mile High (Denver, CO)
    • FedEx Field (Landover, MD)
    • FedExForum (Memphis, TN)
    • Ford Field (Detroit, MI)
    • Gillette Stadium (Foxborough, MA)
    • Golden 1 Center (Sacramento, CA)
    • Hard Rock Stadium (Miami, FL)
    • Lambeau Field (Green Bay, WI)
    • Lincoln Financial Field (Philadelphia, PA)
    • Lucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis, IN)
    • M&T Bank Stadium (Baltimore, MD)
    • Madison Square Garden (New York, NY)
    • Mercedes-Benz Superdome (New Orleans, LA)
    • MetLife Stadium (East Rutherford, NJ)
    • NRG Stadium (Houston, TX)
    • Progressive Field MLB (Cleveland, OH)
    • Raymond James Stadium (Tampa, FL)
    • Red Bull Arena (Harrison, NJ)
    • SOFI Stadium (Inglewood, CA)
    • Soldier Field (Chicago, IL)
    • State Farm Stadium (Glendale, AZ)
    • Talking Stick Resort Arena (Phoenix, AZ)
    • U.S Bank Stadium (Minneapolis, MN)

    5G Ultra Wideband Service is concentrated in the lower seating areas however it could be accessible in other areas within the vicinity of the stadium too.

    When you are outside the Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband coverage area, devices that are 5G-capable transfer the signal in Verizon’s 5G Nationwide 4G LTE networks. In certain cities the stadium is the only spot to get Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband service, which gives the unique 5G experience that you won’t find anyplace else in the area you live in.

  • 5) What are the advantages from 5G Ultra Wideband?

    The benefits of 5G Ultra Wideband are:

    • Faster than 10x the current. This means that your downloads will are a fraction of the time. You can download a movie in just minutes, or listen to a track in just a few seconds.
    • Faster and more secure than Wi-Fi that is public. You can be rid of slow speeds when you have to connect when you’re on the go. Make yourself your own hotspot, and forget about snoopers or hackers.
    • It was designed for environments where people are able to use their phones simultaneously. This allows you to stream or share content, and do your job without getting slowed by the people around you who are connected.
    • Not only for mobile phones. It will give your home or business with a fast internet connection even when you have a lot of devices. It is easy to set up and is free of the hassles of cables.
    • Audio and video are both streaming in HD. You can stream video and video chats without internet access and see fewer frozen faces from your friends or colleagues.
    • Experience console-quality gaming on your smartphone. You can play while on the move with super low delay.

    Notification: If you’re not located in the 5G Ultra Wideband coverage zone however, you can still enjoy the best network experience by using 5G Nationwide as well as our 4G LTE network that has won awards.

  • 6) Which plans are able to connect for the 5G Ultra Wideband network?

    5G Ultra Wideband access is included:

    • Our current Unlimited plans, you can enjoy 5G Get More 5G Do More, 5G Play More one Unlimited on the iPhone.
    • If you are currently using these plans, they are no longer available for you to join your existing account: Get More Unlimited Get more Unlimited, Play More Unlimited Beyond Unlimited* Beyond Unlimited. *
    • If you have purchased 5G Ultra Wideband add-on for an additional $10 per month, it will be included in Your Unlimited plan.
    • In the present 75 Prepaid Unlimited plan.


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