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Apple released the 5G iphones

Apple on Tuesday 14/10  introduced a slate of four 5G-enabled iPhone 12 designs. The technical upgrade brings Apple up to speed with competitors and also will likely significantly boost adoption of 5G innovation.

CEO Tim Cook said of the 5G iPhone 12. “Today is the beginning of a new era for iPhone.” “Every decade, there’s a new technology that provides a step change in what we can do with our iPhones,”

5G is future generation wireless network modern technology that’s expected to transform the means people live. It’s faster and has higher bandwith than existing 4G LTE networks, which will at some point enable quick video downloads and enhanced user experience with new services like AR, VR,  and live pc gaming, among other consumer benefits.

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Supported Bands in the 5G iphone

Every version of iPhone 12, from the apple iphone 12 mini to the apple iphone 12 Pro Max, supports 5G bands from low frequency to mmWave

Lets clarify a point, you need to know if you have any iPhone before the apple iphone 12, you do not have 5G.

Apple states the apple iphone 12 sustains even more 5G frequencies than any other smartphone at the time of its launch. In the UNITED STATE, all versions support mmWave along with sub-6GHz bands, and also Apple states it has done a a lot of testing and engineering services  with service providers to ensure the best feasible experience.

So the 5G mmWave In iphone 12 is exclusive to models sold in the US, in other words, outside the U.S., the iPhone 12 models are limited to the sub-6GHz frequencies. 

Actually, Apple says that under ideal conditions, it’s getting download speeds of approximately 4.0 Gbps per secondly on mmWave networks in the U.S., and also up to 1.0 Gbps under harsh conditions. That’s impressive, but naturally it requires being attached to a mmWave cell.

As we know 5G is not a mandatory technology to have in your phone today. You might not need 5G in your iPhone today, however in a couple years, you’ll be glad you have it.

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