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Nokia says it has moved ahead of Huawei in 5G orders

Nokia has attracted increased interest in its next-generation telecoms equipment in recent weeks, helping it to move ahead of Chinese rival Huawei in total 5G orders, one of the Finnish company’s directors said. 

With 42 commercial 5G orders, Nokia has actually edged in advance of Huawei as well as Ericsson, Nokia supervisor Federico Guillen claimed, as the firms scramble for placement in a market in which US-driven security worries over Chinese equipements have actually boosted the attraction of Nordic suppliers.

Huawei has struck an approximated 40 industrial 5G orders.

Swedish competing Ericsson has actually publicly introduced 19 contracts, of which eight are live.

Customers are increasingly wanting to Nokia to furnish their next-generation core networks, either to have dual sourcing for the most delicate parts of their networks or to swap existing providers, Guillen claimed.

“It’s a little early to quantify that, but in recent weeks we are starting to see that happening,” Guillen, president of customer operations, told Reuters.

Guillen said there has been particular interest from European countries that have been debating the role of Chinese vendors in their networks.

“Where we are starting to see traction is in countries where there are debates,” Guillen said.

Nokia claimed 22 of its 5G offers are with called consumers such as T-Mobile, Telia and Softbank. It has actually won 12 new 5G orders since late March.

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