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Made-in-Vietnam 5G equipment to be sold to US

Made-in-Vietnam 5G equipment to be sold to US 

Vietnam wishes to sell locally-made 5G equipment to the UNITED STATE as it prepares commercial launch of the 5G modern technology this year.

Info and Communications Minister Nguyen Manh Hung suggested to a delegation of the UNITED STATE Monday that they launch conversations of 5G technical standards  to see if made-in-Vietnam equipement can get in the U.S. market.

Vietnam plans to commence commercial operations of 5G this year, becoming amongst the initial countries in ASEAN to do so, he said.

The minister had actually set the stage for launching the 5G technology by making the first 5G phone call on January 17, using equipements manufactured by Vietnamese telecom giant Viettel.

The military-run Viettel will become the sixth company in the world to introduce its own 5G equipement after Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei, Samsung as well as ZTE.

Viettel intends to commercially release 5G solutions this June. It has actually been testing as well as installing equipment since 2018.

Hung, a former Viettel Chief Executive Officer, has been pushing 5G study and research in Vietnam since being communications minister by the end of 2018. He asked local firms to create and produce their very own equipements to ensure that Vietnam is among the initial countries in the world to introduce the 5G technology.

The number of 5G subscriptions in Vietnam might strike 6.3 million by 2025 or 6 percent of total mobile subscriptions,  Cisco has anticipated.

In ASEAN, Singapore is expected to be the first in launching 5G in 2020, followed to by Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Thailand, according to U.S. consulting firm AT Kearney.


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