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T-Mobile start shiffting from 4G to 5G FWA

T-Mobile has begun to move its fix Wireless service from 4G to 5G, a move that will  dramatically improve clients’ speeds.

a T-Mobile spokesperson said  : “T-Mobile Home Internet is currently in an LTE pilot,”  “However, we’re preparing to launch 5G Home Internet, and as we work toward that, some customers may receive 4G and 5G compatible devices and may experience 5G speeds.”

The declaration complies with an article from The T-Mo paper outlining T-Mobile’s initiatives to deploy  5G-capable fixed wireless Internet services. The short article cited one Reddit user in Minnesota who reported getting 5G speeds up to 130Mbit/s in part by accessing T-Mobile’s brand-new 600MHz range holdings.

T-Mobile might well be firing for much higher speeds for its Home Internet service. The operator has actually proclaimed  speeds up to 1Gbit/s on its new 5G network via the mix of last Wireless technologies like carrier aggregation with spectrum  bands ranging from 2.5 GHz to 600MHz.

Certainly, T-Mobile’s CEO Mike Sievert recently hinted that the operator would soon upgrade its 4G-powered FWA services  with 5G-capable CPEs. He stated the operator would certainly launch the offering in “very early” 2021.

Sievert said last year that: “We’ve been marketing 4G LTE as a pilot all through 2020 really learning a lot,” . “We’re trying to soak in the knowledge of how to perform in a market that’s tangentially very familiar to us, but different than our core market. And we’ve learned a tremendous amount about how to delight customers, and serve them, and make them happy and solve their problems. So that when the CPEs arrive for 5G, we’re going to start to scale it up.”

Sievert continued: “I’m really excited about this [fixed wireless service]. We have a great team focused on it. We’ve put some of our best people in charge of this area. And it’s something that our business plan is very focused on, both in suburban and rural areas.”
T-Mobile has confirmed the objective to  launch 5G FWA to 10 million households by 2024.

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