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How to Utilize 5G on your iPhone

You should know that iPhone 12 models or later are compatible with 5G networks of specific carriers. So, lets Learn how to make use of 5G mobile service.

What you need

  • An iPhone 12 model or later
  • An operator that can support 5G.
  • A 5G cellular plan1

In the event that your brand new iPhone is equipped with an actual SIM or eSIM card, then use the SIM. If not, make use of the SIM card that you had on your old iPhone. In certain situations you’ll need to talk to your carrier to setup the SIM card from your old iPhone to use on the 5G network.

Learn the 5G icons to the status bar.

If you’re in a region with coverage of 5G for your provider and your plan for 5G is activated, you’ll notice an icon of 5G on the status bar on your iPhone:

The 5G network on your carrier is available and your iPhone is able to connect to the internet via the network (not accessible in all regions or countries).2

The 5G+, the 5G UW or the 5G UC network is accessible and may include your carrier’s higher-frequency model of 5G. Your iPhone can connect to internet via this network (not accessible in all countries, regio or the ns).2

Learn how to do it If you don’t find 5G icons on the bar of status .

Find out more about 5G options.

FiveG’s default options on iPhone are optimized to maximize battery life and data use according to the plan you have for data. You can alter these settings for the time you make use of 5G and the amount of data you use in certain applications.

You can find these options by visiting Settings and then Cellular >> Cellular Information Options. If you’re using a Dual SIM, go to Settings > Cellular and choose the option you wish to alter.

Voice & Data

Decide the way your iPh

one utilizes the 5G network. This can impact battery life:

  • 5G Auto: It allows 5G Auto to enable Smart Data mode. If 5G speeds do not provide an improvement in performance the iPhone automatically shifts to LTE to save battery life.
  • 5G on: Always use 5G when it’s accessible. This can reduce battery life.
  • LTE is the only LTE network regardless of whether 5G is available.

In China mainland China, 5G Standalone is the preferred setting. If you’re running iOS 14 to iOS 14.5 You can enable 5G Standalone by selecting the Settings menu > Cellular, then Cellular Data voice and data. With 5G Standalone, every mobile activity is 5G. For more information about 5G networks, please contact your provider.

Data Mode

  • Allow more data on 5G: enables higher data-usage capabilities for applications and other system-related tasks. This includes higher-quality FaceTime and high-definition content on Apple TV, Apple Music videos and songs iOS updates via cellular as well as automatic backups of iCloud.
    • If you enable this feature you can set it so that your iPhone can use 5G instead of Wi-Fi if Wi-Fi connection is slow or unsafe on a network that you visit frequently. To disable this feature and on for a specific network Go in Settings > Wi-Fi. Press the information icon next to Wi-Fi connection and tap Use Wi-Fi to access the Internet.
    • This option also allows third-party apps to make use of more data from cellular networks to enhance experience.
    • The default setting for certain unlimited-data plans, based on your provider.
    • This setting makes use of more cell data.
  • Standard: allows the automatic updating of background and other tasks for cell phones, and utilizes the standard settings of quality for FaceTime and video. This is usually the default setting.
  • The Low Data Mode helps reduce data usage on Wi-Fi and cell phones by halting the automatic update process and other background activities.

Data Roaming

A lot of carriers across the globe offer 5G roaming. If your carrier isn’t able to offer 5G roaming services and you want to use cell phone data using LTE or 4G networks or purchase an in-country SIM card that supports 5G if it’s there is.

Contact your carrier for more information.

If you don’t see 5G , it’s in the status bar, you’re not in the right place.

  1. Check to see if you’re located in an area that has 5G coverage. Call your provider if you’re unsure.
  2. Go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options. When you are presented with this display it means that your device is 5G enabled. If you don’t see this display call your carrier to verify that your plan is compatible with 5G.
  3. Switch on Airplane Mode Then shut off the mode.

If you still don’t have 5G service, contact your carrier.

Learn more

  • If you are planning to utilize 5G using dual Sim for iPhone 12 models, make sure you are running iOS 14.5 or later.
  • You can always stream the best quality content by clicking Settings > Music Cellular Data and turning on High Quality Streaming, and then Setting > TV > Cellular, then selecting High Quality. These settings utilize more data from cell phones, and the content could take longer to play.

If you switch on the Low Power mode 5G is turned off with the exception of certain cases such as video streaming and massive downloads. On iPhone 12 models, Low Power Mode disables 5G Standalone (where it is available).

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